SwissUSD-CHF @ 0.9193/96...Bullish while above 0.9150-35 Support region.

R: 0.9250 / 0.9300 / 0.9400-20
S: 0.9150-35 / 0.9100 / 0.9000

Dollar-Swiss is not gaining strength to extend its upmove sharply above 0.9200. Also at the same time the Support near 0.9150 is also holding well and is restricting any sharp fall below 0.9200. This leaves the immediate outlook to be mixed. However, we retain our overall bullish view on the pair and we expect the Support in 0.9150-35 region to continue to hold. As we have been mentioning for some time, we expect a strong rise to 0.9400-500 in the coming days.

CableGBP-USD @ 1.5453/56...Resistance near 1.5500 continuing to hold

R: 1.5500 / 1.5535-50 / 1.5600
S: 1.5425-00 / 1.5320-00 / 1.5200

Cable tested 1.5500 during the day and failed to rise past it once again. This keeps the broader bearish view intact. Some Support is seen in 1.5425-00 region and a strong break below it would trigger further fall. The downside is open for a fall to 1.5200 or even 1.5000. Any sharp upmove is not looking likely now and we expect the pair to continue to trade below 1.5500 in the US session today.

AussieAUD-USD @ 0.9590/93...Might test 0.9670-9700 Resistance region before further fall

R: 0.9600 / 0.9670-700
S: 0.9500 / 0.9400

Aussie has risen towards 0.9600 once again. Lack of downside momentum is keeping up the chances of seeing a break above 0.9600 in the uS session today. A test of 0.9670-9700 looks likely. However, remember, 0.9670-700 is an important Resistance region which is expected to hold. The bigger picture is still bearish and we expect a pull back from 0.9670-700 Resistance region. As mentioned in our weekly view, we expect a fall to 0.9250. There is also a threat of this fall extending further to 0.9000. Having said this rallies to 0.9670-700 Resistance region can be sold.
Happy Trading!