USD-CHF @ 1.1673/77...Might rise to 1.1770-1.1800

R: 1.1715 / 1.1755 / 1.1770-1.18 S: 1.1655 / 1.1580-60 / 1.1530-20

Dollar-Swiss has risen sharply following the sharp dip in Euro thereby keeping up our overall bullish sentiment intact. We got stopped out of our Short positon entered at 1.1580 losing 55 pips. We might see further rise towards 1.1770-1800 in the coming sessions/days. On the downside strong Support is seen in 1.1580-30 region which is expected to hold in the US session today. Overall the bullish sentiment is intact and we might expect further rise towards 1.1770-18.

Limit Buy Order:Buy USD 10K at 1.1580, SL 1.1490, TP 1.1770Buy USD 10K at 1.1530, SL 1.1470, TP 1.1770

GBP-USD @ 1.4572/75...Resistance at 1.4616 (21-DMA)

R: 1.4616 / 1.4700-30 / 1.4750S: 1.4460-45 / 1.44 / 1.4345

The Support at 1.4450-00 region that we have been mentioning for sometime continued to hold during the day and Cable has risen sharply as expected. The 21-DMA (currently at 1.4616) and 1.4700-30 are the next significant Resistance levels to watch for. If the current upside momentum continues we might see a break above the 21-DMA and see further rise to 1.4700-30 in the coming sessions. However, the broader picture continues to remain bearish and we might see a pull back from 1.4700-30 region.

Limit Sell Order:Sell GBP 10K at 1.4680, SL 1.4760, TP Open

AUD-USD @ 0.8328/33...Might dip further

R: 0.8370 / 0.8430-45 / 0.8480-0.85S: 0.8300-0.8280 / 0.8230-00 / 0.8175

Aussie fell sharply breaking below the Support at 0.8350 mentioned earlier and is continuing to retain the overall downtrend. With significant Resistance at 0.8480-0.8500 region we might expect further dip towards 0.8200-0.8180 in the coming sessions. Any sharp upmove is not looking likely now and we expect the Resistance at 0.8480-0.8500 region to hold if incase a sharp rise breaking above 0.84 is seen.

Limit Sell Order:Sell AUD 10K at 0.8470, SL 0.8560, TP Open

Happy Trading!