USD-CHF @ 1.1094/97...Might test the 55-DMA Resistance (1.1134)

R: 1.1134-52 / 1.1215-45 / 1.1290-1315 S: 1.1075 / 1.0957 / 1.0897

Dollar-Swiss has risen in the European session today. However, it is still continuing to trade below the 55-DMA Resistance (currently at 1.1134). While below the 55-DMA (1.1134) there is still channces of a dip towards 1.0930-00 which is the significant Support region seen on the downside. We expect this Support at 1.0930-00 region to hold and might see a bounce back from this Support region (1.0930-00).

GBP-USD @ 1.4839/42...Might fall once again

R: 1.4900-30 / 1.5015 / 1.5115 S: 1.4835-30 / 1.48 / 1.4750-30

Cable withnessed a rise as expected and recorded a high of 1.4936 during the day. However, it failed to sustain above 1.49 and fell breaking below the Support at 1.4880 which we expected to hold. This fall keeps the overall bearish sentiment intact and while below 1.49 there are good chances of further dip towards 1.46 in the coming sessions/days. On the upside a strong break above 1.4930 migth see further rise towards 1.5030-50.

Holding: GBP 10K Short at 1.4880, SL 1.4970, TP Open As soon as the market trades 1.4780 trail SL to 1.4860

AUD-USD @ 0.8830/33...Might test the 21-Week-MA (0.8904)

R: 0.8851 / 0.8904 / 0.8950 S: 0.8800-0.8770 / 0.8690-75 / 0.8625

Aussie is continuing to trade above 0.88. Our view remains the same on the pair. With Support at 0.8800.8770 region there are good chances of further rise towards 0.9000-20 in the coming sessions. Note that 21-Week-MA is at 0.8904 which might restrict the rise for some time. However, if the Support at 0.8800-0.8770 region continues to hold we might see a break above the 21-Week-MA Resistance and might see a rise once again towards 0.90 in the coming days. Note 0.8773 is the 55-Week-MA. Happy Trading!