Swiss USD-CHF @ 1.0655/58...Mixed

R: 1.0765-90 / 1.0820-50 / 1.0940 S: 1.0600 / 1.0486

Dollar-Swiss is currently trading below the Support at 1.0700-690. The pair has 50-50 chances of a recoevry above 1.0700 or a fall towards 1.0550 in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow. We will have to wait and watch the movement of the pair from current levels.

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.5015/18...May move up

R: 1.5020-40 / 1.5125 S: 1.4920 / 1.4890 / 1.4240-20

As expected, Cable moved up in the European session today. The 200 MA on the 8-hourly charts (1.4901) has held well and we may now see the pair move in the range of 1.4960-5100 in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow. We see less chances of an immediate fall on the pair.

In the coming days/ weeks we see high chances of the pair move up gradually towards 1.5250-300.

Aussie AUD-USD @ 0.8367/70...Ranged with a bearish bias

R: 0.8465 / 0.8505-30 / 0.8600 S: 0.8311 / 0.8230-20 / 0.8107

Aussie moved up to touch a high of 0.8416 in the European session today but is trading below 0.8400 now. We continue to hold a view of the pair moving in the range of 0.8300-400 in the next few sessions. On the downside, the 200 Week MA Support (0.8311) may be tested or broken in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow, which may pull the pair towards 0.8200-100 in the next week . However, on a failure to break below the 200 Week MA Support (0.8311), the pair may again move towards 0.8450-500 in the next couple of days. Happy Trading!