Swiss USD-CHF @ 1.0609/12...Bullish

R: 1.0699 / 1.0817 / 1.0920 S: 1.0600 / 1.0486 / 1.0400

Dollar-Swiss is continuing its sideways movement. We are still bullish on the pair with chances of a rise towards 1.0700-50 on a break above the 200 DMA Resistance (1.0626) in the next couple of days.In the bigger picture, the 13 Month MA (1.0604) Support is holding strong, which is signalling towards a rise on the pair in the long term.

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.5109/12...Mixed

R: 1.5165 / 1.5197 / 1.5250 S: 1.5050 / 1.4993-70 / 1.4893

Contrary to our expectations Cable tested the Resistance at 1.4990-70 in the Asian session and shot up beyond 1.5100 in the European session today. The Support at 1.0490-70 has worked well in the past few days and we will nedd to see if it is broken in the coming sessions/days. However, please notice the rounding top (under formation) on the daily and the 4-hourly charts. In case the rounding top is formed, tha pair may fall towards 1.4800-700 in the coming days. But if the Support at 1.4990-70 holds, we may see the pair rise towards 1.5200 in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow. Aussie AUD-USD @ 0.8766/69...Bearish

R: 0.8811 / 0.8870-80 / 0.8975 S: 0.8700 / 0.8640-20 / 0.8580

We continue to retain our views on the pair which we had in the morning.Aussie touched a high of 0.8780 in the Asian session today followed by a dip below 0.8750. The pair has been ranged between 0.8700-800 from the past few days and we see high chances of the pair falling towards 0.8600-500 in the coming days. Please note that 0.8802 is the 55 Week MA Resistance and 0.8722 is the 200 MA Support on the 8-hourly charts. Happy Trading!