USD-CHF 1.0499/502...Buy dips

R: 1.0590 / 1.0633 / 1.0699 S: 1.0500-490 / 1.0400-384 / 1.0348

Dollar-Swiss has fallen in the European session today. The pair has been ranged in the region of 1.0480-550 from the past few sessions and we see good chances of a rise in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow.

We continue to hold a long term bullish view on the pair with chances of a rise towards 1.0900-1.10 in the coming weeks, on a weekly close above the 1.06 figure. Holding: USD 10K Long at 1.0510, SL 1.0420, TP open

GBP-USD @ 1.5270/73...May go up

R: 1.5300 / 1.5352 / 1.5400 S: 1.5200 / 1.5150 / 1.5050

We continue to hold our morning view on the pair.

As expected Cable touched a low of 1.5153 in the European session yesterday followed by an upmove towards 1.5300 in the US session yesterday and the Asian Session today. The pair is currently trading in the Resistance region of 1.5250-350, but this time we see higher chances of it breaking this Resistance and moving up towards 1.5400 in the coming sessions over the next couple of days.

AUD-USD 0.8839/42...Mixed

R: 0.8850 / 0.8903 / 0.9000 S: 0.8770-50 / 0.8720-00 / 0.8650

Contrary to our expectations, Aussie moved up further in the European session today stopping us out of our Short at 0.8775. The pair is currently trading above 0.8800 and we will need to wait and watch of comes below 0.8800 in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow. However, if the pair continues to trade above 0.8800, we may see it going up towards 0.8900 over today and tomorrow. Happy Trading!