Swiss USD-CHF 1.0442/45...Important Support at 1.0400-384

R: 1.0500 / 1.0550 / 1.0590 S: 1.0400-384 / 1.0348 / 1.0313

Contrary to our expectations, Dollar-Swiss has dipped in the Asian and the European session today. The pair has gone down to touch a low of 1.0394 but is currently trading above the crucial level of 1.0400. Our Long at 1.0510 has been stopped out with a loss of 90 pips. We need to wait and watch if the immediate Support (1.0400) is honoured, which would pave way for a rise towards 1.0500-50 over today and tomorrow. A break below 1.0400 may see the pair dip towards 1.0350-00 in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow.

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.5255/58...Ranged

R: 1.5300 / 1.5352 / 1.5400 S: 1.5151 / 1.5050 / 1.5000

As expected, Cable touched a low of 1.5149 followed by a high of 1.5296 in the Asian and the European session today. The pair is continuing to trade in the range (1.5150-350) and we need to wait and watch on which side of the range does it break going forward, our preference is on the higher side though.

Holding: GBP 10K Long at 1.5150, TSL 1.5250 (up from 1.5120), TP 1.5275 (changed from open)

Aussie AUD-USD 0.8882/85...May fall

R: 0.8903 / 0.8943 / 0.9000 S: 0.8800 / 0.8770-50 / 0.8720-00

AUSSIE has shot up in the European session today to touch a high of 0.8898. The pair has moved above the important Resistance at 0.8815 (55-Week MA) and and we would have to see if the pair breaks or honour the next Resistance region of 0.8900-50 in the coming sessions today. While below 0.8900, the pair may come down to trade below 0.8800 tomorrow.

However a break above 0.8900 may see it go up towards 0.9000, though we see less chances of this upmove. Happy Trading!