Swiss USD-CHF 1.0498/501...Buy dips

R: 1.0550 / 1.0615-35 / 1.0700 S: 1.0400-384 / 1.0348 / 1.0250

Dollar-Swiss honoured the Strong Resistance at 1.0550 and has came down again in the Asian and the European sessions today. We now see high chances of the pair falling below the important level of 1.0480, which may see it go down towards 1.0400 in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow. 1.0400 is an important Support and we would look to get in at those levels (1.0400) with a tight stop as an insurance against a fall towards 1.0250-00 in case of a strong break below 1.0400. However, we see higher chances of 1.0400 holding.In the next couple of weeks we see good chances of the pair move in the region of 1.0400-600, followed by a breakout on the higher side.

Limit Buy Order: Buy USD 10K Long at 1.0400, SL 1.0335, TP Open

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.5508/11...200 DMA at 1.5560

R: 1.5560 / 1.5600 / 1.5635 S: 1.5400 / 1.5350 / 1.5300

Cable is currently trading above the 21 Month MA (1.5480). Please note that 1.5480-560 is a very strong Resistance region for the pair and we see less chances of a break above this region in the coming sessions over tody and tomorrow. While below 1.5560, the pair may come down towards 1.5420-00 in the US session today. However, an immediate rally above 1.5560 may take it towards 1.5600-50, though we see less chances of an immediate upmove.In the long term, we see good chances of the pair honouring the double bottom on the monthly charts and moving up towards 1.60 figure in a couple of months.

Holding: GBP 10K short at 1.5480, SL 1.5570, TP

Aussie AUD-USD 0.8965/68...Strong Resistance in the 0.8941-75 region

R: 0.8941-75 / 0.9016 / 0.9114 S: 0.8825 / 0.8770-50 / 0.8610-580

AUSSIE went to trade above the 0.8975 level in the Asian session today but is again trading in the Resistance region of 0.8941-75. On a strong break above 0.8975, we would want to stay out before we get some clarity on the markets. However, in case 0.8975 holds, the marketas may come down to trade near 0.8900-850 region in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow.Holding: AUD 10K at Short 0.8941, at SL 0.8990, TP Open

Happy Trading!