FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Dollar decline from 1.0855 high on September 21 found support at 1.0660 low on Tuesday, and the pair has remained consolidating in a range from the mentioned low to 1.0700 during the day. At the moment of writing, the Dollar trades at 1.0685.

For next sessions, the ecPulse.com analysis team foresees further decline towards levels around 1.0465: We see a support level at 1.0655; representing the neckline of a bearish technical pattern, seen in the image above. From here we expect the pair to decline on the intraday basis today, confirmed with a four hour closing below the neckline with technical targets for the pattern at 1.0465.

Support levels, according to the ecPulse.com analysis team, lie at 1.0655, 1.0625 and 1.0565. Resistance levels are 1.0715, 1.0750, 1.0795.