Fxstreet.com (Barcelona) - USD/CHF has risen 0.70% along the day to break the 1.1490 resistance and to trade above the 1.1500 level. Currently the pair is trading around 1.1500/10 after reaching 1.1520, intra-week high.

According to Tim Salem, FXstreet.com collaborator, USD/CHF is bullish: Price Behavior remains slightly Bullish in accordance with the Uptrend Channel and moderate Consolidation. Appreciation looks to breach the Daily Static Resistance of 1.1472 with a Bounce from the Daily Pivot @ 1.1426 in the Immediate-Term. Violation north breaks the Range-Bound Area and moves towards the 1.500 Figure/Static Resistance Level. Further Extension finds 1.1547 Resistance which, if holds, will become Support in the near-Term. Downside Risk finds a break of the Channel through Daily Static Support Areas @ 1.1379 and 1.1351 followed by a potential Hourly Double-Bottom Formation @ Dynamic Support of 1.3307.

Salem provides us with his today's levels: Support levels: 1.1413 1.1379 1.1351 1.1322. Resistance levels: 1.1472 1.1500 1.1547 1.1589.

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