FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - USD/CHF is testing the 1.1450 resistance, yesterday's high, after rising 0.60% along the day from the 1.1373 opening price. Currently, the pair has been rejected by this level and it is falling near to 1.1400 level.

Yesterday, the pair rose 0.38% from the 1.1331 opening price, reaching 1.1449 as maximum and 1.1322 as minimum, to close the day at 1.1373.

According to Tim Salen, FXstreet.com Collaborator, USD/CHF is in a correcting movement: Slowly correcting to the upside, the 1.1350 zone offer enough support and the pair is bouncing back to the upside, still under the 20 SMA that anyway, remains bullish in the hourly. Indicators are too flat to offer clear bias for the pair, at actual price.

Tim provides us with his levels: Support levels: 1.1350 1.1310 1.1283. Resistance levels: 1.14005 1.1440 1.1478

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