FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - USD/CHF has risen around 115 pips, 0.90%, so far today from 1.1386 today's opening price to test the 1.1500 level in the early American session. Currently the pair is trading around 1.1485/95.

According to Valeria Bednarik, FXstreet.com collaborator, USD/CHF hourly bullish indicators seem exhausted: Pair continues rising yet indicators seem already exhausted in the hourly and the 1.1540 zone seems strong enough to limit further rises in the next hours. Downside corrections should remain above the 1.1440 zone to keep the bullish trend, clear in bigger time frames, intact. Volume is quite low, pre America opening.

Bednarik provide us with her levels: Support levels: 1.1440 1.1400 1.1350. Resistance levels: 1.1500 1.1540 1.1595.

On the other hand, the Kshitij Consultancy Service Team says: Dollar-Swiss rose towards 1.1487 during the day and is quite likely to continue moving up as the 100- and 200-MAs on the 4-hourly are flattening out. The Support at 1.1360 continued to hold during the day and is likely to hold during the US session as well. We continue to believe that a rise towards 1.17 over the next few days may be seen till this Support holds. R: 1.1507 / 1.1537 / 1.1561. S: 1.1436 / 1.1411 / 1.1360.

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