FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - USD/CHF has continued with its Friday's up trend along today's trading session after it rises from 1.1444, in the early Asian session, to 1.1515 in the European morning. Currently, the pair is trading around the 1.1490/1.1510 band.

Last Friday, USD/CHF gained 1.52% from 1.1272 opening price, reaching 1.1480 as maximum and 1.1224 as lowest, to close at 1.1423. Today, the pair has risen 0.44% from 1.1452 opening price. After falling around 50 pips in the session's start, the USD/CHF has risen from 1.1444 to 1.1515.

According to the Swiss e trade strategy team, USD/CHF is in consolidating movement: The dollar gained only slightly more territory against the Swiss franc, more or less consolidating its higher levels, and is currently trading at 1.1480. We expect another upmove to set in today, most probably to 1.1580.