FXstreet.com (Buenos Aires) - USD/JPY Current Price: 88.20. Almost unchanged since last update, Japanese yen seems unable to extend the downside, with pair trapped in between 88.00 and 88.40 since past Asian session. Hourly charts indicators had turned slightly bearish, while bigger time frames show still some upside strength.

Downside movements should remain above 88.00 support to avoid a clear bearish trend for the rest of the day. Under that zone, a retest of 87.70 seems likely for current session. Only above 88.50/60 resistance zone, pair could regain the upside an attempt a retest of the 89.00 level, said Valeria Bednarik, collaborator at FXstreet.com.

Support levels: 88.00 87.70 87.30. Resistance levels: 88.40 88.60 89.00.