FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Dollar retreat from 90.35 high on Thursday , extended on early Asian session with a spike down to 88.90 low, although the Dollar picked up afterwards to return to levels around 89.80 at European session opening times.

At the moment, the pair is struggling at 89.80/90 intraday resistance area, and above here, next resistance levels lie at 90.00/05 and 90.35 (Dec 17 high). On the downside, support levels lie at 88.90 session low, and below here, 88.60 (Dec 15 low) and 88.30 (Dec 14 low).

EUR/JPY retreat from 130.65/80 week highs on Wednesday and Thursday, extended during Asian session to a fresh 3-week low at 127.35, to bounce up and return to levels around 129.00 art the moment of writing. Resistance levels lie at 129.60 and 130.70/80. Support levels lie at 128.50 and 128.10.