FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Dollar decline from Thursday's high at 91.30 has found support at 90.00 low during European session, and the pair has bounced to levels around 90.30 at the moment of writing.

If the Dollar manages to remain above 90.00, the Swiss e Trade Strategy Team, observes the possibility of a re-test of 91.30 resistance during the day: The level 90.00 represents an important support zone, which we think will not be broken today. We rather see upmoves setting in, towards the 91.30 mark again.

Support levels lie at 90.00/05 (Nov 4 low) and below here, 89.85 (Nov 3 low) and 89.40/55. Resistance levels are 91.00/05, and above here, 91.30 (Nov 4 high) and 91.60/65 (Oct 30 and 29 highs).