FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Dollar attempt to recovery from 97.65 Apr 21 low has been violently rejected at 98.50 on early European session, and the air has lost all the ground gained during Asian session to drop back to 97.75.

Immediate support level remains at 97.65/75, which according to Nikolajs Serikovs, technical analyst at Fxtechtrade is a main support level: Today's support: - 97.90 and 97.62(main). Break would bring 97.44, where correction is possible. Then 97.20, where a correction may also happen. Break of the latter will give 96.86. If a strong impulse, we would see 96.65. Continuation would give 96.33.

On the upside, Serikovs points out to the 98.70 level: Today's resistance: - 98.70, 99.22, 99.48 and 99.94(main), where a correction may happen. Break would bring 100.24, where also a correction may be. Then 100.51. If a strong impulse, we would see 100.82. Continuation will give 101.14.

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