FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Dollar retreat from 92.3o high on Tuesday as found support at 91.00 area and the pair has remained moving from 90.90 t0o 91.20 for the whole European session.

Support levels below 91.00, lie at 90.80 (Oct 22 low) and below here, 90.50/60 (Oct 21 low). On the upside, resistance levels lie at 91.70 (Oct 21 low), and above here, 91.95.00 (congestion area) and 91.30/35 (Oct 26, 27 highs).

On a bigger picture, Per-Erik Karlsson, technical analyst at Avantage Financial GMBH, considers that the Euro is on the upside while above 88.00: 88.00 is key support and while above this level we are looking for a move back toward the 93 level and. The rising treasury yield is leading to a selloff in JPY as it becomes more attractive as a funding currency.