FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Dollar's recovery from 91.25 low on Wednesday hit resistance at 93.75, 4-month high on Friday and the pair dropped to 92.15 area during Asian session with pair's risk on the downside, according to the FXMarketAlerts Team, likely to target levels at 91.25 area or lower.

FXMarketAlerts Team observes the possibility of the USD/JPY to break below support area at 92.11/20, which is being tested at the moment, to 91.25/53 area and lower. weak stance on the daily tools see risk for break to extend rejection from Fri's 93.78 high. Break to trigger stronger reaction to 91.25/53 area then 91.00/14 and 90.78 area.

On the upside, resistance areas, according to the FXMarketAlerts Team, lie at 92.75/85, and above here, 93.22 and 93.45/50.