FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Dollar´s retreat from 92.30 high on Monday bottomed at 90.20 on Thursday's Asian session, and the Dollar has appreciated to reach an intra-day high at 90.80.

The Dollar might have completed its decline from 92.30 high at 90.20 according to Stoyan Mihaylov, technical analyst at Deltastock.com, who sees the Dollar on its way to 91.33: Our target at 90.20 has been met and a larger rebound is to be expected, for 90.91, en route to 91.33. The overall bias remains negative, but the minor downtrend from 92.32 is already completed at 90.23

Resistance levels, according to Mihaylov, lie at 90.91, 91.33 and 92.40. On the downside, support levels lie at 90.20, 89.53 and 87.12.