FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - US American session are mixing green and red numbers in its Friday's session. The Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke, has defended big banks bailouts. USD is in range after last recovery movement.

Wall Street are trding mixed today, Dow Jones index are posting a 0.11% increases, Nasdaq are falling 0.12% and S&P 500 post 0.32% decreases. American session is not following the European way, The Eurostoxx index posted 0.37 increases, CAC 0.51% and DAX went up 0.63% today's session.

Ben Bernanke has said that big banks are too big to fail. The Fed chairman has defended big bank bailouts on the view that Fed needs addressed this enormous problem and he concluded: I do not think we have had a realistic alternative to preventing such failures.

Today's Greenback recovery was stopped slightly in the American session, EUR/USD has been traded between the /1.3550/1.3630 flat channel as well as Cable between 1.4430/92 channel.

USD/JPY has test the 94.25 resistance twice in the American session, currently is trading below the 96.00 level.