Forexpros Daily Analysis Nov 5, 2009

Free webinar - Mapping out the Banking System & Foreign Exchange Dealing Process, Part I

Expert: Dan Cook
When: Tue, Nov 10, 2009, 11:00 EST

As the first Webinar of a two part series, Dan Cook, Senior Market Analyst at IG Markets will shed light on the inner workings of the international banking system and its impact on currency trading.

The webinar will provide a breakdown of the Central Banks and the Interbank System, highlighting the roles of each of the major players and how their policy decisions impact currency markets. Additionally, Cook will review major market indicators and identify which data releases most critically impact currency markets, enabling traders to get a better sense of which economic announcements warrant the most attention.

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Unemployment Rate in the US to Be Announced Tomorrow

The Unemployment Rate is a measure of the percentage of the total labor force that is unemployed but actively seeking employment and willing to work in the US.

A high percentage indicates weakness in the labor market. A low percentage is a positive indicator for the labor market in the US and should be taken as positive for the USD.

Analysts forecast a 9.90% unemployment rate, up from 9.80%.


Euro Dollar

The Euro broke short-term resistance and reached both suggested targets 1.4846 and 1.4897 successfully. Yesterday's climb stopped 10 pips above Fibonacci level, then went back to settle below it. That is why this resistance will keep its importance. Breaking it would send the Euro above 1.50, or at least close to the dollar and a half mark. The Euro continued its shine since reaching the bottom of the hourly channel that we talked about yesterday, and is currently rising inside an upward rising channel on the intraday charts, with its top at 1.4972, a level we consider as a first target to a break of 1.4897, and after that we could see 1.5014. The bottom of the same channel is currently at 1.4839, and as long as price holds above it (at the moment its only pips above this level) the potential for more short-term upside works stays alive. On the other hand a break of the bottom of the channel indicates that the direction for the short-term has turned down, which will target 1.4769 first, and may be 1.4701 later. We remind you of the rate decision of the ECB that will be announced today, and the news conference for president Trichet that will follow, which usually moves the Euro violently.

• 1.4839: the bottom of the rising channel on the intraday charts.
• 1.4769: Fibonacci 50% for the last rising move.
• 1.4701: previous important support/resistance area.

• 1.4897: Fibonacci 61.8% for the drop 1.5061.
• 1.4972: the top of the rising channel on the intraday charts.
• 1.5014: previous resistance.



Dollar-Yen broke Fibonacci resistance 90.68 and reached 91.28 as we accepted, with accuracy (yesterday's high 91.30), before retreating fast. This behavior redefined the rising channel on the hourly chart to make its bottom at 90.18. And when calculating Fibonacci 61.8% resistance for the short-term (for the drop from yesterday's high), we find that it is at the resistance level of 90.90. In case of a break of either of those levels, we believe price will move in the direction of the break. If the bottom of the channel at 90.18 is broken, the price will move down and target 89.61 first, and may be 89.07 as well. While if we break Fibonacci resistance at 90.90 we expect a rise to surpass yesterday's high, targeting the important 91.63 first, and only if it is broken we can expect 92 to appear on the price screens when the price targets the obvious resistance on the hurly chart 92.17.

• 90.18: the bottom of the rising channel on the hourly chart.
• 89.61: previous support & Oct 12th low.
• 89.07: previous intraday support.

• 90.90: Fibonacci 61.8% for the short-term.
• 91.63: a well known support area that contained a number of daily tops and bottoms, the last of which was Oct 29th high.
• 92.17: obvious resistance on the hourly chart.


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