It seems like the days of bizarre Internet sensation of Planking are almost over as the new trend of Owling has become popular.

Like Planking, Owling is said to have started in Australia and involves sitting in an owl-like posture on top of houses, statues, fences and other strange locations.

Planking, on the other hand, includes lying stiff, face down in unusual positions with hands touching the sides of the body. A photograph of the planker is then taken and posted on the Internet, particularly Facebook.

According to the Toronto Star, it all started at the G20 world leaders summit in Toronto last June when a picture of Kirk Warrington perched atop a war memorial along University Ave. This one shot resulted in a Facebook page dedicated to owling with over 1774 likes currently.

Throughout the world, thousands of people have taken up this new craze of owling and there are already two popular Facebook pages dedicated to this activity.

Although the activity is fun and interesting, it can be dangerous as well if proper precautions are not taken.

Take a look at some of the most bizarre owling pictures across the globe:

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