Formcap Corp. was pleased to announce today that it has engaged Mr. Thomas Markham as a consulting Senior Geologist. A professional geologist specializing in the evaluation and development of oil and gas plays in the onshore United States, Tom received his Masters of Geology from LSU in 1976 and then pursued a career working with ARCO, BEPCO, HOUSTON OIL and MINERALS, and TENNECO.

Mr. Markham as an individual geologist and as part of exploration and development teams discovered and developed more than 75 million net equivalent barrels of oil. With increasing budget and managerial responsibilities, Tom managed geoscience teams of up to fifteen graduate professionals with budgets from $11 million to $23 million.

Along with managerial skills, his geoscience specialties include well survey analysis and interpretation, evaluation of depositional and diagenetic systems, seismic – stratigraphic application to the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon reservoirs, and definitive risk/reward economic evaluation of oil and gas projects. He has evaluated and participated in oil and gas programs throughout the continental United States and Alaska (Prudhoe Bay), and was involved with analysis of offshore South America Basins as a third party consultant.

Onshore United States, Mr. Markham’s recent activities have included analysis of over pressured shale gas reservoir systems in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin; evaluation of a major shear system in New Mexico (Weber City Prospect), and mapping the updip pinchout of Permian age carbonate reservoirs with possible reserve exposure of over 100 million barrels of oil. Tom has been published in the American Gas Journal and was invited on a technical tour of the former Soviet Union to review oil and gas assets. He has also been a guest speaker at the American Association of Petroleum Landman’s (AAPL) “Buying Oil and Gas Properties” seminar.

“As FormCap prepares to drill the Weber City Prospect, it will need to expand its management team. The addition of Mr. Markham to our team is a critical first step. Tom’s experience and understanding of the Weber City Prospect is crucial to optimize our probability of success” stated Graham Douglas, FormCap’s President & CEO.

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