Formcap Corp., a rising star in the world of oil and gas, hired Mr. Thomas Markham as a consulting Senior Geologist in December of 09 largely as what President and CEO of FRMC Graham Douglas called a “critical first step” towards developing the 4,800-acre Weber City Prospect.

Mr. Markham earned a Masters in Geology from LSU in 1976 and has since gone on to spearhead multiple projects evaluating and developing oil and gas reserves for commercial use throughout the continental United States. Markham, through his various exploits (including working for sector powerhouses like Arco, Bepco, Tenneco, and Houston Oil and Gas), has discovered and developed some 75 Million net equivalent barrels of oil.

The last 12 years have seen Markham directing teams of up to 15 geologists with budgets from $11-$21M at leading plays; i.e., areas where hydrocarbon accumulations or prospects of a given type occur, such as the Pinon, Brunson Ranch, Allen Hill, Brown Bassett Extension, J.D. Shale, and NYY projects.

Markham is no stranger to successfully managing geoscience teams with multimillion dollar budgets, where he brings to bear his numerous specializations like well survey and analysis, deposit analysis (including diagenetics, or changes in the sediment after its initial deposition), seismic analysis, stratigraphic analysis – concerning rock layers or strata vis-à-vis hydrocarbon exploitation – and overall profitability analysis regarding the development potential of oil or gas projects.

With abundant experience throughout the U.S., including Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay and even recent offshore experience in South America, Markham brings his wealth of expertise to bear for FRMC’s investors.

Recent work in the Permian Basin, on a 21k-acre play in Pennsylvania, where Markham was Chief Geologist, and in Oklahoma where he was instrumental in negotiating for drilling rights with the Osage Tribe of Oklahoma to develop some 9,120 acres, are just examples of Markham’s track record. It is impossible in the space of one short article to truly portray the level of competence, excellence and professionalism Markham is acclaimed for.

Drilling and completion of proprietary prospects in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, to depths of up to 10,500’ on some 88 oil and gas wells – where Markham oversaw everything from seismic analysis to leasing and production – afford abundant evidence of his prowess and thorough knowledge of resource development from planning to execution.

A 5 trillion cubic feet of gas (TCFG) overthrust play in Texas, where Markham was generating geologist; a stratigraphic play in New Mexico San Andres with wells to 4k feet and an estimated ceiling of 100 million barrels which he finalized; and the evaluation of data modeling of reserves in the Anadarko Basin are other examples of Markham’s recent work.

Published in prestigious industry publications like the American Gas Journal, and even asked to review reserves for the former Soviet Union, Markham was also recently asked to be guest speaker at the “Buying Oil and Gas Properties” seminar organized by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen.

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