FormCap is a domestic, emerging exploration and development company in the oil and gas sector. To date, the company has assembled 4,800 acres of oil and gas mineral leases – the Weber City Prospect – in Curry County, New Mexico. In a successful case, there is the potential to drill up to 100 wells which may produce up to 300 million barrels of oil.

The company’s current management team is led by Graham Douglas. Advisors have been hired on a contract basis as required to minimize expenditures during FormCap’s start-up phase. Here is a brief summary of the management team and their advisors:

Graham Douglas, President

Graham Douglas is an experienced business executive with 35 years of financial and operational management experience. From 1970 to 1978, he worked in corporate finance for two large Canadian banks. From 1978 through 1985, Mr. Douglas was involved in the real estate and construction industry in a financial capacity. In the period from 1986 through 1992, he was the COO of a large west coast Canadian transport, warehousing, freight forwarding and sea terminal operator.

Beginning in 1992, Mr. Douglas has been active as a business consultant in the area of corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and public offerings. He has been an early stage investor and assisted in raising later stage funding for several companies in a variety of industries. Industries including: beverage, food processing, construction, telecom, technology, mining, biofuels and oil and gas exploration. In several instances, Mr. Douglas has taken temporary positions in management and governance through transitional periods or in difficult circumstances.

Thomas Markham, Chief Geologist

Mr. Markham is a professional geologist specializing in evaluation and development of oil and gas plays in the mid-continental United States. He began his career working with firms such as ARCO and Tenneco, acting as geologist on a wide range of projects spanning over 12 years of development on leading plays including the Pinon, Allen Hill, Brunson Ranch, Brown Bassett Extension, J.D. Shale and NYY projects.

He has been an independent oil and gas geologist managing project generation and evaluation for various industries, primarily in the mid-continent. Mr. Markham recently acted as chief geologist for a 21,000 acre Pennsylvanian gas play in the Permian Basin. He has also successfully drilled and completed proprietary prospects – while providing the supervision of seismic, leasing, drilling, completion, and production activities – of 88 oil and gas wells (to 10,500 feet) in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Randall K. Boatright

Mr. Boatright most recently served as interim president and CEO, CFO and director of Dexterity Surgical Inc. He has extensive experience in the energy business as he was formerly the executive vice-president, CFO and director of Abraxas Petroleum Corp. (AMEX: ABP) and controller of a large private independent oil and gas company.

MAC Advisory Services

MAC Advisors is a mini-microcap advisory service with oil and gas expertise. MAC principals have over 50 years of direct experience in related areas of: oil and gas finance, accounting and capital equipment, corporate finance and merchant banking, and management of both public and private developmental stage companies.

The principals have work experience that includes work at Gearhart/Halliburton, as well as corporate finance experience with Dorchester Oil and Gas – both Fortune 500 companies. They have also worked as analysts concentrating on exploration, crude oil purchasing and related special projects. In addition, they have worked as independent landman in West Texas and hold royalty and working interests in several producing oil and gas properties.

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