Jurors couldn't believe a word said by police officers accused of fixing traffic tickets for friends and loved ones when they cleared a former Bronx prosecutor on felony DWI charges, Thursday.

It took all 12 members of the jury in Bronx Supreme Court, 45 minutes to clear, Stephen Lopresti, 60, a personal injury attorney of all counts.

Lopresti faced disbarment had he been convicted, due to previous convictions for driving under the influence. He was arrested in December of 2006 after hitting a car on the Grand Concourse as he returned from a tavern near Yankee Stadium where he had four or five beers, according court documents.

Wiretaps recorded Julissa Goris, the arresting officer and Harrington Marshall, the officer that administered the Breathalyzer talking about fixing tickets and during court testimony confirmed that they had done so.

Defense attorneys portrayed the officers testimony as unreliable and corrupt spending much of last week questioning their crediablity.

Both officers were guaranteed that they wouldn't be prosecuted for their role in the ticket fixing fiasco, according to court testimony.

Ticket fixing is expected to deal a blow to many cases in coming months.

A Bronx grand jury is currently hearing evidence in a department wide investigation into ticket-fixing. More than a dozen officers  are expected to face criminal prosecution for their role in the scandal, about 400 are expected to face departmental discipline.