Gamers who think fighting games are too complicated should look forward to “Rising Thunder,” a fighting game from studio Radiant and a former Capcom developer, Seth Killian, who has previously worked on “Street Fighter IV.” “Rising Thunder” will supposedly be a complex fighting game that focuses more on strategy than button combinations for victory, with giant robots added to the mix.

According to Polygon, “Rising Thunder” will not have players perform motions or press multiple inputs for special moves, as they can all be done with a press of a button. This means players can focus on surviving, defending and evading attacks, especially since the combatants will be robots and not martial artists as in “Street Fighter” or “Tekken.”

Customization will also be a big part of “Rising Thunder,” which makes sense as players will be using robots to duke it out against the A.I. and other players. This is done through the game’s “Variant System,” a series of options to build up a preferred fighter. As the gamer keeps playing, more variants and abilities are unlocked.

A report from Event Hubs has confirmed that “Rising Thunder” will not only be a PC-exclusive fighting game but will also be a free-to-play one, with plenty of online multiplayer matches to be had. Killian has stated that gamers will be able to play against as many players as they want and also promised that the lack of complicated input will ensure that players will never mess up their special moves.

“Rising Thunder” is still a fighting game at heart despite the easy-to-learn controls, since the fights look quite similar to something like “Street Fighter.” While no definitive release date has been given, players can already sign up for the pre-alpha testing so they can try out the robot fighting game. 

Rising Thunder pre-alpha gameplay - Vlad vs. Dauntless (Credit: YouTube/PC Gamer)