Looks like former Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart might have to counsel up some legal assistance.

Hart's former manager, Kieran Maguire, filed suit against Hart in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, claiming breach of oral contract, fraud and unjust enrichment, among other alleged infractions.

Melissa Joan Hart has no heart, as evidenced by this action, the suit begins, rather fancifully.

According to the suit, Maguire became Hart's manager in August 2006 and quickly revived Hart's career from its post-Sabrina doldrums.

Indeed, Maguire's advice and counsel was integral in thrusting Hart back into the Hollywood spotlight to once again be advertised as 'America's Sweetheart,' the suit claims.

Maguire claims to have played a key role in numerous deals for Hart, including commercial gigs, her appearance on Dancing With the Stars and the ABC Family sitcom Melissa & Joey. But in March 2010, the suit says, Hart abruptly canned Maguire, without explanation, in what can only be described as 'being cheap,' the suit asserts.

Since the canning, the suit says, Hart has failed to fork over Maguire's 10 percent commission on Melissa & Joey, as their agreement allegedly calls for. And that really peeves Maguire -- especially since, he claims, the actress got a pay raise for the fall 2011 season of Melissa & Joey.

The suit also claims that, in 2008, Hart briefly stopped paying her manager commissions, and admitted to Maguire that she owed him the commissions and that she was 'just being cheap.'

Maguire figures he's owed $56,250, plus whatever extra might be due to him from Hart's alleged pay raise. The suit also seeks interest and costs.

Hart's representative did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.