Famed game developer Peter Molyneux is known for his boastful hucksterism, sometimes making promises for his games that just never materialize. He's currently working on a game that's been recently retitled "Curiosity" that allows players to tap a cube in the hopes of accessing its mysterious contents, which Molyneux says is "life-changing," according to Kotaku. Even before "Curiosity" has been released, Molyneux is already talking up his next project, another "social experiment" of sorts, entitled "Cooperation," according to The Verge.

"Curiosity" will be an app for iPhones that will allow players to chip away at a cube, looking to unlock its "life-changing" contents. What sounds incredibly simple is, in fact, a social experiment being conducted by Molyneux and his new development team at 22 Cans, the company he founded after leaving the Microsoft-owned Lionhead studios. "Potentially millions of people can come together and see people doing things on this cube," Molyneux told The Verge.

The app is said to include high-priced downloadable content like a $77,000 pickaxe-like tool that allows players to chip away at the box at a faster rate, according to Kotaku. According to the article with The Verge, the progress to the center of the cube will include plenty of little secrets for players, as well as smaller rewards. Every tap of the cube earns players coins that can be used to upgrade their pickaxe, bombs to destroy chunks of the cube, as well as other power ups and rewards.

"Curiosity" is drastically different than any other game Molyneux has ever worked on previously. Other games on his resume include the "Fable" series, "Black and White" and "Populous." "You can think of each layer of the cube as being a level in a game where the rules can or may change," Molyneux said. "Let's say we decide to make one layer paint and you have to dissolve it."

While there will be potentially millions of people playing "Curiosity," there will only be one winner, as Molyneux explains, "only one person will find out what's inside the cube. We will leave it up to that one person to spread what's inside the cube. It is absolutely an experiment." For those looking for an exciting mystery, "Curiosity" might be the game for you, as the game is basically the definition of working together in order to discover what Molyneux and 22 Cans have up their sleeve.

Molyneux has already begun development on "Cooperation," the follow-up of sorts to "Curiosity." The game developer explains, "'Cooperation' is very, very different, maybe it's not a game, or maybe you'd call it a social game," he said. "If you think of ('Curiosity') being the biggest mystery posted to the digital world, 'Cooperation' is the biggest cooperative effort the world has ever known." What that entails exactly, is anyone's guess.