Crystal Renn shot to fame with chubby cheeks and curves. As a plus sized model, someone who spoke about how freeing it was not to think of putting on calories, surprisingly Renn showed off a very thin frame at an event in New York Tuesday.  

The 25-year-old star is seen carrying her new platinum blonde locks at the 9th Annual Spring Dinner Dance New Year's In April: A Fool's Fete at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

With eyebrows dyed blonde and an eye-catching moss green gown, Renn looked very different from her previous brunette style and plus size in 2006 when she hit the ramp for the first time.

Renn's weight has fluctuated dramatically. From being a size 00 to being size 16 and now back to size 6.8.

Now I'm a 6.8, sometimes and a 10 depending on what designer I'm wearing. And that's an interesting place to be in fashion, where extremes are the norm, Renn was quoted as saying my Mail Online.

When Crystal Renn first joined modeling at the age of 14, she was apparently told to lose a third of her total body weight. After suffering from anorexia for years together, Renn could finally gain 70 pounds and hit the ramp as a plus-size model.

The model has also written a book Hungry about her struggle with anorexia and how she spent days eating only lettuce and vegetables, along with an obsession for gym habit working out up to eight hours.

It was only after that she became a plus sized model and said she enjoyed it. However, her sudden dramatic weight loss has given rise to speculations that the model might be once again falling victim to anorexia.

Check out her pictures below.