Kim Richards has some serious regrets about relapsing in April 2015, which lead to two horrifying arrests. The former "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star recently opened up about those incidents, revealing that hurting her children has been the hardest part of the whole ordeal.

In an interview with People magazine, Kim, 51, said that she felt bad for her four kids — Brooke Brinson, Whitney Davis, Kimberly Jackson, and Chad Davis — when news of her first arrest broke. She told the publication that more than anything she couldn't believe she'd done that to them. Kim claimed that to this day she apologizes to each of them, reminding them just how much she loves them. While she is back on the path of sobriety the former child star said her family was incredibly "worried" for her during that troubling time. 

"That was the thing that bothered me most. I cried because I hurt my kids," Kim said. "Sometimes I put my arms around them and I say, 'I love you, I'm so sorry.' I know they worried about me."

Kim spoke out about her battle with sobriety during a March 7 appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live." During her sit down with host Andy Cohen the former "Housewives" star, who now appears on Lifetime's "The Mother Daughter Experiment," opened up about what lead her to drink on the night she was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Kim said she'd had a glass of wine with a friend the night before, which lead her to believe she could safely have a drink at daughter Brooke's house. Not long after consuming the alcoholic beverage, the guilt set in. Kim shared with Cohen that she quickly hopped in the car only to realize that drinking and driving was not a better option. She pulled over at the hotel and went inside, begging hotel staff to let her stay and sober up. She claimed that at the time of the incident she'd put Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on the back burner and stopped prioritizing her own health and wellness, which lead her to transgress.

"I drank that night, no excuses," she shared. "I stopped focusing on myself. I stopped taking the time for me and going to meetings because I was taking care of other people and stopped caring for myself."

The "Sharknado 3" star was first arrested on April 16, 2015 for allegedly causing an incident inside the Polo Lounge, located inside the Beverly Hills Hotel. Police were called and forcibly removed Kim from the hotel grounds. She was taken to the local precinct where she is said to have kicked a police officer, resulting in a battery charge being added to her long list of charges from that night.  

Kim was arrested for a second time last year on Aug. 10 for allegedly stealing $600 worth of merchandise from a San Fernando Valley, California, Target. At the time, TMZ reported that Kim walked into the store, filled two shopping carts and various reusable shopping bags with small items from the store's dollar section and left the premises. She got a few feet outside the Target before being stopped by a security guard who took her into a back room for questioning. It was reported that Kim could not recall whether or not she'd paid for the items.