Former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kim Richards' public meltdown sadly continues, despite claims she was working on her sobriety. Richards has spent the past several months in and out of rehab following a string of recent arrests, and was allegedly seen wandering around Los Angeles over the weekend trying to get her hands on Xanax. 

According to TMZ, the ex-Bravo star reportedly stopped by a Sherman Oaks smoke shop three times asking employees for Xanax. A worker at the shop said Richards was told they don't sell prescription drugs, but she was adamant that she could purchase the drug there. Supposedly, a family member told Richards the shop would sell her Xanax. 

After the reality TV star was booted from the smoke shop, the employee said she wandered into another store nearby again in search of Xanax. TMZ reports the former child star kept telling people she needed the prescription drug because she injured her foot.

It's not clear how or when Richards hurt her foot, but the reality star's lawyer mentioned the injury during a court appearance a few weeks ago. 

As previously reported, Richards learned on Aug. 31 that she wouldn't face any jail time for an April 16 arrest at a Beverly Hills Hotel. To avoid jail time, Richards' lawyer accepted a deal in which the reality star would have to attend 52 Alcoholic Anonymous classes, serve three years' probation and work 30 days of community labor. Richards' lawyer, however, asked the judge to change the community labor to community service, claiming Richards hurt her foot and wouldn't be able to perform the manual labor tasks. 

The ex "RHOBH" star has not mentioned the alleged Xanax incident on social media. The last time Richards tweeted was around Labor Day weekend when she told fans she was still sober