Lark Voorhies is speaking out in defense of her second marriage. The former "Saved By The Bell" actress and husband Jimmy Green tied the knot in April after meeting via Facebook. Although their union has been surrounded by much doubt and negativity, it seems Voorhies is certain her hubby is the one.

Voorhies and her husband sat down with Entertainment Tonight to address rumors surrounding their marriage. During the joint interview, she said she is not at all worried that Green may be trying to take advantage of her, adding that they are "selectively together for all the right reasons." She also addressed claims that Green and her mother, Patricia Voorhies, have bad blood. But the former child star says that the relationship between her mom and her husband has finally gotten to a good place. 

"The support was there. It's all celebratory," she said. 

Rumors of conflict between Patricia and Green stem from legal paperwork obtained by TMZ. Patricia reportedly filed a restraining order against her son-in-law after he failed to adhere to a verbal agreement the two had made stating that he would spend less time at her home. The agreement was made after a series of arguments broke out between the pair during some of Green's overnight stays at Patricia's home. After agreeing to spend less time there, Patricia said she found Green asleep in her closet. She woke him up, and he began yelling and cursing at her.

Patricia has had concerns about Green since the beginning. He apparently has a past history of drugs and gang violence. Green admitted that he was, in fact, once associated with the Bloods. There is currently believed to be a warrant out for his arrest in Tucson, Arizona, which dates back to a 2012 incident in which he was accused of both disorderly conduct and threatening to intimidate. Green told E! News, however, that the incident is being blown “out of proportion” and that he is “a changed man.”

Lark met her husband on Facebook. The pair dated for more than a year before holding a commitment ceremony on April 1. A few weeks later, they flew to Las Vegas, where they officially tied the knot on April 30, according to Us Weekly.

Check out her full interview with ET below.