Kate Middleton made her first solo debut with the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall at the famous Fortnum & Mason confectionery on Thursday, but as usual it was her style that caught the public eye.

Sporting her usual glossy hair and flawless make-up, Middleton stepped out (unusually) in an Italian designer. The Azure colored M Missoni label tweed coat surprised and shocked some Middleton Duchess Effect enthusiasts, who went as far as wondering if the Duchess was having a wardrobe malfunction.

The coat was called shabby worn-out and frayed' by Twitter commentators. Despite the criticism, however, the Duchess all-in-all got thumbs up for her new vintage look, according to the Daily Mail.

Afternoon Tea

Middleton met with the Queen and Camilla at the famous food hall of Fortnum & Mason, where they were given a tour before indulging in a beautifully crafted cake that was designed specifically for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

The trio was also presented with a Fortnum hamper containing special delicacies, including champagne truffles and dog biscuits, according to the BBC.

The Queen and Camilla also sported shades of Azure for their Royal trip. Queen Elizabeth wore a pale blue outfit with a matching hat, while Camilla was dress in a navy blue coat.

Diamond Jubilee

The queen is currently celebrating her 60th year on the throne, through a series of Diamond Jubilee events held in London. On Feb.29 she unveiled a commemorative feature of 60 lit discs shaped as E II R, which are installed from the main entrance of Buckingham Palace and stretch through to the Olympic park.

During the Queen's visit to Fortnum & Mason, the confectionary unveiled a special fruit-laden Diamond Jubilee Cake. Topped with dried fruits and almonds the cake comes with a dash of Shropshire Apple Brandy and is decorated with glistening dried figs, peaches, apricots and pears.