“The Fosters” Season 2, episode 10, threw plenty of curveballs to the Fosters. The summer finale followed Callie as she raised money to save Girls United, but the fundraiser was the only thing that went right. It seems everyone in the family had some personal drama to deal with, and fans will be talking about the highlights of the episode until the show returns in the winter. Check out the top four moments below:

1. Lena Stands Up To Connor’s Father

Lena decided to talk to Connor’s father after Connor came to school with a black eye. He claimed that it was just a punishment that got out of hand, but then he blamed it on Lena for letting Connor share a tent with Jude. Connor’s dad claimed that Jude is gay and he shouldn’t be sharing a tent. Lena was furious because Jude hasn’t even figured out his sexuality, and no one should try to tell him what he is yet.

2. Jesus And Mariana Talk To Their Biological Mother

Mariana was the one who wanted to see Ana and hear what she had to say, while Jesus had to be blackmailed into going. Yet Mariana lashed out after Ana tried to apologize for abandoning them as children. She was furious that Ana left them. Mariana stormed out, but Jesus was the one to comfort his estranged mother.

3. Callie’s Adoption

Callie’s biological father finally signed the adoption papers necessary for Stef and Lena to adopt her. Sophia destroyed the papers because she still wanted Callie to be her sister. By the end of the episode, Sophia realized that they will always be family, but Robert refused to sign the papers again. He said that signing was too hard the first time, and he wouldn’t be able to put himself through that again. He wanted Callie to be his daughter, but Callie wanted to be part of Stef and Lena’s family.

4. Callie And Brandon’s Kiss

Callie found Brandon after she heard that her father won’t let her be adopted, and Brandon just made her feel more conflicted. For a minute she wondered if this was supposed to happen. Maybe she can’t be adopted because she and Brandon are meant to be together. The two kissed, but earlier in the episode Brandon was making out with bandmate Lou. It looks like Brandon will be in the middle of a love triangle when “The Fosters” returns in winter.

“The Fosters” will return to ABC Family in winter 2015. Do you think the show should explore Brandon and Callie’s relationship or just let them be siblings? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!