“The Fosters” fans should expect plenty of drama in the Season 3 finale. The family is still dealing with Jack’s (Tanner Buchanan) death, and the repercussions will affect Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Jude (Hayden Byerly) in very different ways. However, grief won’t be the only thing that the Fosters have to deal with. Brandon (David Lambert) and Callie might have to stop hiding their past from the family, while Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) deals with her unexpected love triangle. This is what viewers should expect in episode 20 of the Freeform drama:

1. Callie’s Anger – To say Callie is disenchanted after Jack’s death is an understatement. She’ll lash out while mourning. “Callie [has] just pure anger and hatred for the system,” Mitchell explained to TVLine. “It’s the end of her tether, and she really finds this new self-motivated rage that opens her eyes to what she’s been involved in and what she’s endorsing, [which] maybe isn’t potentially what is best for children like Jack.”

2. Justine’s Loyalties – Mitchell revealed that Justina’s (Kelli Williams) true intentions are revealed in the finale. “I think the character really does think that she’s doing the right thing,” Mitchell added. “But it’s just so twisted and under the surface and manipulative. Because if it was overt, Callie would be onto it… You’re definitely going to see all of those moments culminate and explode in the finale and see Callie quite sassy.”

3. Jude Questions His Sexuality – In a sneak-peek video for the “Fosters” Season 3 finale, Jude tells a friend that he might not be gay. He liked Connor (Gavin MacIntosh), but he says, “I think it was just the person, you know?” Watch the clip below:

4. Mariana’s Love Triangle – Mariana will still be juggling both of her love interests, but it’ll become more difficult for her to forget about her feelings for Mat (Jordan Rodrigues). “Nick [Louis Hunter] gives Mariana an expensive gift, adding to her guilt about what happened between her and Mat,” the synopsis teases.

5. Courtney’s Kid – Brandon will be honest with his mothers, Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum), and tell them about Courtney’s (Denyse Tontz) child. The 17-year-old claims that it isn’t up for discussion, but will his moms listen to his demand? Watch the sneak-peek video below:

6. Brandon and Callie – The tortured couple seemed to finally be on the same page that their relationship was a bad plan, but executive producer Bradley Bredeweg said that Brallie shippers shouldn’t lose all hope. “There’s something that happens in the finale that carries us into Season 4 that will have big repercussions within the family, and it will be Brallie-based for sure,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “So, although that scene on the bench in the pergola feels like it might be a final nail in the coffin, you know how it goes when you’re star-crossed lovers.”

It looks like Callie and Brandon might have to tell Stef and Lena the truth about their past. In a promo video for episode 20, Callie gets accosted by a news reporter who asks if she slept with her foster brother. Watch the trailer for the finale below:

“The Fosters” Season 3 finale airs Monday, March 28, at 8 p.m. EDT on Freeform.