Season 3 of "The Fosters" was back on ABC Family Monday night. Episode 3 ended on a cliffhanger when Brandon (David Lambert) caught A.J. (Tom Williamson) red handed stealing Brandon's Tony Gwynn ball.  What would happen in "More Than Words?"

Here's how it all went down in episode 4:

The episode picks up right where episode 3 left off. Brandon is mad and threatens to tell his dad, but Callie (Maia Mitchell) talks her brother into giving A..J. another chance. 

Meanwhile, Lena (Sherri Saum) is stressed out that her mother, Dana (Lorraine Toussaint), is visiting and bringing along her half-brother, Nate. She has not seen either of them since Nate used some inflammatory, racially charged language against Dana 20 years ago. To make matters worse, Nate is bringing along his new girlfriend and Lena fears she will not get a chance to talk about what happened. She still has not forgiven Nate.

Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) has a visitor too. Mat (Jordan Rodrigues) surprises her by taking a break from his tour to spend the weekend with her. He is worried that he gave Mariana the wrong impression when they parted way. He assures her he loves her and does want to have sex. This all makes Mariana feel even more guilty about sleeping with Wyatt. Unfortunately, this only makes Mariana act weird toward Mat. Later, when he tells her that the tour has been extended, Mariana breaks up with him. 

It is also dance night in San Diego. After meeting up at the beach, Callie agrees to go as Cole's (Tom Phelan) date to a LGBTQ dance he has organized. However, A.J. tips her off that Cole might have intentions beyond friendship, making her a little uncomfortable about the night out.

Jude (Hayden Byerly) and Connor (Gavin MacIntosh) are going to the dance as well, but Connor makes things awkward when, instead of a corsage, he gets Jude a tasteless shirt -- "I'm not gay, my boyfriend is." At the dance, things get more tense when Jude does not identify himself as gay. Later, another boy warns Connor that Jude's reluctance to identify means he is not sure he is gay and will break Connor's heart. 

Later, Nate shows up and, to everyone's surprise, his girlfriend, Faith, is black. This makes it even more difficult for Lena to pull him aside and get the apology she wants. After dinner, Lena becomes emotional after Nate apologizes for bullying her as a kid. She wants more. When Dana asks her not to air the family's dirty laundry in front of Faith, Lena leaves the room. Dana follows and Lena explains that she considers the insult a slight against all African-Americans. The pair return to the room and demand an apology from Nate for using the N-word, but he claims to not remember the incident, causing Stewart to kick him and Faith out. 

At the dance, Cole tries to kiss Callie. When Callie rejects him, Cole runs off and leaves her alone on the dance floor. Outside, Cole finds Jude outside of the gay dance. Cole tells Jude that there is a power in labels to make people feel less alone when they are not so accepted in their own home the way that Jude is at his home. Jude seems to realize that he has hurt Connor. Back inside Jude goes to Connor and adamantly affirms that he is gay. Meanwhile, Cole and Callie make up when she assures him that she admires him and did not agree to go as his date out of pity.

Elsewhere, Brandon is stressing about presenting his composition to the dean and pleasing Kat (Katherine McNamara). In an act of desperation, he plagiarizes a Bach piece, but the dean catches him when he presents it in class. Brandon confesses to copying the piece on purpose to prove that Kat would never be satisfied. The dean leaves it up to the students to decide if Brandon and Kat get to stay at the camp. Two other students would have to agree to work double to work with them. No one agrees to work with her and Brandon's fate is left as a cliffhanger

The whole family find their way together at the end of the episode, including Brandon, who discreetly tells Callie that he was kicked out of the camp. A.J. also has something to tell Callie, whispering to her that he was jealous that Cole got to take her to the dance. Callie, who had been acting grumpy toward A.J. the whole episode, cracks a big smile.

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