Season 3 of “The Fosters” will bring plenty of drama back to ABC Family when it premieres on June 8, but fans will have to remember where the show left off first. While several storylines were wrapped up in the Season 2 finale, the writers made sure to leave plenty of cliffhangers as well.

Here are six things that happened at the end of Season 2:

1. Callie’s Adoption: Callie’s (Maia Mitchell) biological father Robert (Kerr Smith) changed his mind about taking custody of his daughter. During a court-mandated visit, the two bonded and learned a lot about each other. Robert had a sudden change of heart about custody after Callie assured him that he would always be in her life, but Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena’s (Sheri Saum) family felt like home. He allowed her to be emancipated.

2. Jude’s Boyfriend: Connor’s father Adam (Chris Bruno) decided not to stand in the way of Jude (Hayden Byerly) and his crush. Connor (Gavin Macintosh) was in the hospital after being shot in the foot by Taylor's father when he broke into his house along with Taylor, Jude and their friends. The youngest member of the Adams Foster family refused to leave the hospital until he saw Connor. Lena had a talk with Adam and told him that he couldn’t keep every boy away from Connor for the rest of his life. Although Connor’s dad still didn’t like the idea that his son is gay, he let Jude into the hospital room. Later, Jude told Callie that he and Connor were officially dating.

3. Lena’s Kiss: Lena has been getting close to her new co-worker, Monte (Annika Marks). She had been leaning on her new friend to talk about her marital issues. In the Season 2 finale, Monte kissed Lena, and Lena didn’t exactly stop her. Monte quickly realized what she was doing and ran away.

4. Brandon’s Audition: The eldest brother (David Lambert) nearly missed his audition for a summer music program. Luckily, his father Mike (Danny Nucci) stalled the scout until Brandon arrived. It seemed like the audition went well, but Brandon -- and the viewers -- still haven’t heard anything official.

5. Ana’s Baby: Jesus (Jake T. Austin) and Mariana’s (Cierra Ramirez) birth mother Ana (Alexandra Barreto) is pregnant once again. She was living with Stef and Lena, and they were set to eventually adopt the baby and raise it as their own. However, Ana’s parents came to visit her and said that she could live with them, and they would help her raise her baby. Ana seemed conflicted, and Jesus worried that Ana didn’t actually want to give up the baby and that Stef and Lena didn’t really want to adopt the child. He wondered if everyone was making these decisions because Mariana had her heart set on the idea.

6. One Fatality: In the final moments of the episode, Ana, Jesus and Mariana were in a car and Ana began to have stomach pains while driving. They were only a few blocks from the hospital when a car crashed into the passenger side of the vehicle. Stef heard on her police radio that there was a car accident with one fatality, but she didn’t appear to realize that she may know the victim.

As “The Fosters” Season 3 starts, fans can expect answers. Actor Jake T. Austin announced that he would not return to the series, so even if Jesus survives, he won’t be on the show. There will also be more drama with Lena and Monte. It looks like Lena will hide their kiss from her wife, Stef. According to TV Line, fans can also expect Lena’s father to return (now played by Bruce Davison instead of Stephen Collins). Viewers should anticipate new characters as well. A new boy named Ty (Chris Warren) will show up, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He has aged out of the foster system and was separated from his underage brother.

“The Fosters” will premiere on Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC Family. Who do you think died in the car crash? Sound off in the comments section below!