On the first day of the 19th All India Forensic Science conference in the city, Eran Drukman, founder and president of Suspect Detection Systems, participated in an exclusive interview with Roshan Kumar. During the interview, Mr. Drukman emphasized the need for India to upgrade forensic science facilities to thwart terrorist attacks.

Both India and Israel face the danger of terrorism. What makes the Israel police more successful in curbing attacks than India?

Though both countries face the same problem, the level of alertness among common public is more in Israel than in India. In Israel, whenever common people see any suspicious objects… they inform police immediately.

How does administration in India compare with that of Israel in tackling any emergency situation, such as bomb explosion or other terror attack?

Though India has advanced in scientific aspects, it still lags behind Israel and other European countries in tackling emergency situations as police administration and intelligence network are not sound enough to tackle such situations. Moreover, Indian administration still lags behind in defensive aspects in tackling the menace.

What are Suspect Detection Systems?

Suspect Detection Systems is a process under which a suspect person is put under interrogation. The suspect person is asked 24 questions in four sets in which some questions are relevant and some questions are irrelevant. The test is to do a person’s mental mapping. There were reports that prior to 26/11 Mumbai attack a member of LeT had visited India and surveyed various places where they could cause major casualties. Had the Indian intelligence nabbed the person and interrogated him through SDS, the country could have averted the 26/11 attack.

What distinguishes the growth of terrorism in last few years?

With the 9/11 attack at World Trade Centre (WTC), terrorists have shown that they do not need arms and ammunition for attacking any country; they just need sharp minds. The terrorists are being brainwashed into believing that if they succeed in their mission, they will attain heaven. In the near future, these terrorists could resort to chemical warfare, causing heavy casualties, to spread terror.

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