Fountain Healthy Aging is a pioneering firm dedicated to licensing and distributing effective, natural and safe products that slow the aging process and improve the symptoms associated with aging. Poised for rapid growth in the burgeoning anti-aging industry, the company’s main focus is on the specialty, premium product category, which provides gross margins significantly higher than the lower-priced, mainstream health products market.

The company’s relationship with its affiliates, Natural Planet USA and Atherton Health, allows the seamless integration of scientific information and expertise for the co-development of products in the healthy aging space. As a distribution company, Fountain has obtained rights to distribute products from its affiliate partners and its nutraceutical research and development subsidiary, Natural Planet USA.

Fountain’s flagship product Vitalife is a transdermally absorbed supplement that’s designed to stimulate the pituitary to release growth hormone. Clinical studies have shown a statistically significant increase in human growth hormone levels from baseline after treatment with the formula. With 350,000 bottles prescribed and 21 million individual doses administered, no adverse effects have been reported.

The company recognizes the importance of the anti-aging sector and has positioned itself to capitalize on the emerging demand for anti-aging products. Fountain has an extensive multi-national sales and marketing strategy that includes the highly effective method of network marketing. Through a global network of relationships that is growing rapidly in a receptive market, Fountain is positioned to provide its robust pipeline of products to distribution channels across the world.