Four Loko is going to get new labels and cans after being charged by the Federal Trade Commission with false advertising.

The change-up comes after the makers of Four Loko, Phusion Projects, were charged by the FTC with saying that a 23.5 ounce can of the product contained less alcoholic content than it actually did.

Deception about alcohol content is dangerous to consumers, and it's a serious concern for the FTC, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection David Vladeck said in a statement. Four Loko contains as much alcohol as four or five beers, but it is marketed as a single-serving beverage.

Phusion Projects disagrees with the allegations made against their company and product, but announced an agreement made between them and the FTC.

We don't believe there were any violations, Phusion Projects co-founder Jaisen Freeman said in a statement. However, we take legal compliance very seriously and we share the FTC's interest in making sure consumers get all the information and tools they need to make smart, informed decisions. That's why the measures we agreed upon made sense to us and why we worked with the Commission to develop and implement them.

As part of the compliance effort, Phusion Projects said it will create  a new resealable can for the company's flavored malt beverage products. The new can will contain approximately 2.5 beers and is expected to hit stores in spring 2012. There will also be additional labels on 23.5 ounce Four Loko cans comparing them to 12-ounce five percent alcohol by volume beers.

Our can labels have always clearly conveyed exactly what's in them in bold, capital letters, Freeman said.  This new, additional label will give consumers even more information.