Sony is offering portable gamers in Japan the option of four new and very bright colors for their gaming enjoyment.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) introduces four new retina-melting colors for PSP. The series consists of four colors: Vibrant Blue, Radiant Red, Bright Yellow, and Spirited Green.

Apparently, inspired by the feelings, the bright shades are called Carnival colors, they will debut on March. The blue, red will come out by 5 of March and the yellow and green consoles will come by 19th - to be precise:

Blue and Red will - March 5, '09.

Yellow and Green - March 19 '09.

All four new Stock keeping units are for the third-generation PSP-3000 model, and will launch alongside a new PSP Carnival Colors Value Pack. This new bundle will include the hardware, a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, a colored pouch, wrist strap and cloth, priced at ¥24,800 ($278).

These colors and the Strike force hardware bundle are currently Japan only items, SCEJ doesn't specify if its one day soon come to shelves outside Japan.

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