Nexia Holdings is a bargain hunter’s dream; a low-priced stock with very high potential. In addition to recent television and radio exposure, there are quite a few aspects of this company that make it attractive. Utah-based Nexia is a widely-diversified holdings company with arms that reach from real estate to retail.

Nexia currently owns several properties in the Salt Lake City area, which have been undergoing repairs and upgrades to maintain a high value, even as the real estate market struggles. In addition to over 145,000 square feet of building space, the company owns several undeveloped parcels of land in Utah and Kansas.

Another testament to Nexia’s viability is the media attention afforded it by co-founder Jared Gold. Gold’s innovative clothing designs are the centerpiece at Black Chandelier, Nexia’s retail clothing outlet located in Salt Lake. There is also a corresponding online store which adds to the overall success of the branch, so much so in fact, that Nexia is considering spinning Black Chandelier off into its own entity.

One must also take into account the two successful “lifestyle salons” operated by Green Endeavors Ltd (GRNE.PK), of which Nexia holds a majority share. Landis Salons have been a big hit in Utah, and the company has already been talking about expanding to several more Salt Lake locations, as well as harboring ambitions to grow the idea to a national scale. Nexia believes that potential future franchising opportunities are present with the highly-regarded salon.

The next thing to consider would be the company’s management. Mr. Richard Surber brings a lot to the table as CEO of both Nexia and Green Endeavors. He is an accomplished executive with more than a decade of experience. The knowledge gained from his practice in both corporate and securities law has been invaluable to the organization.

Overall, Nexia is a well positioned company which is arguably very undervalued. A high level of diversification only adds to the company’s attractiveness. It has received increased media exposure over the past few months, and is showing itself to be worthy of a closer look.

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