Four people are dead, including the gunman, following a shooting along a rural road in Pennsylvania, authorities said. 

The shooting occurred over several mines in Frankstown Township, located about 70 miles west of Harrisburg,  according to Blair County District Attorney Rich Consiglio.


Three men and one woman are among the dead; however, investigators said it remains unclear how the gunman died, Consiglio said.


The identities of the four people killed are not being released at this time.


Three state troopers were also injured in the shooting, including one office who was shot in his bulletproof vest , according to a state police spokesman.


Another trooper was injured by broken glass when his vehicle was fired on. The third trooper was injured in a car crash with the gunman, Consiglio said.


The District Attorney insisted that the shooting did not pose and danger to the public, while township supervisor, Mark Schroyer, sought to ensure the public that nearby schools were safe and not placed on lockdown.