Frankie Cocozza, the runner-up of Celebrity Big Brother, has his sights set on certain blond starlet. Cocozza proclaimed to OK! magazine that he plans to make ex-Friends star, Jennifer Anniston, his girlfriend.

Jennifer Aniston will be my girl. I'm going to stay with Michael Madsen in Malibu, make a movie and win some Oscars and get Jennifer Aniston as my girl, said Cocozza, according to OK!

However, the 19-year-old did not stop with Aniston. It seems like he has a thing for blonds. Cocozza also told OK! that he is confident he can date the former Playboy Playmates Karissa and Kristina Shannon. The trio spent three weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother house and he is certain the twins fancy him.

They both want me massively, said Cocozza. I was up for it when we left the house.  Cocozza also told the magazine that the Shannon twins were repeatedly coming on to him during the show.

It weren't me trying it on with them... that's all I'm saying. I tried and they tried but there were other people not letting it happen, he said. According to Cocozza, the twins' agent prevented anything from happening.

However, Kristina Shannon disputes Cocozza's claim.

He's got a huge crush on me and my sister. We don't think he'll ever give up.