Papa Johns pizza chain will today (August 26) be offering free pizza to all Camaro owners in celebration of the chains 25th anniversary and also the reuniting of the chains founder with the Camaro he sold back in 1983 to start his business.

The founder of Papa Johns pizza chain, John Schnatter, has paid $250,000 to reacquire the 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 which he originally sold for $2,800 to help keep his father's struggling bar business alive and to start his Louisville-based pizza empire.

Schnatter spent several years in search of his beloved black-and-gold striped car and created a Web site on the search, held promotional appearances and eventually offered $250,000 to whoever found it.

The car owners changed only twice from the first buyer and ended up with Jeffery Robinson.

The car was purchased five years ago by Robinson for $4,000 from the first owner and was more than willing to hand it back to Schnatter for the $250,000 he was offering.

The original buyers will each get $25,000 for their help tracking it down.