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Just in time to cool us off from the summer heat, it's the return of 7-Eleven's FREE SLURPEE DAY!

That's right, today, Monday July 11 is Slurpee Day at 7-Elevens across the States, and to honor the 84th birthday (7/11) of this Dallas, Texas-based company, each branch of America's largest convenience store chain will give away one free 7.11 ounce Slurpee to costumers until midnight.

In a press release from 7-Eleven, organizers of the event were happy to announce that this 7/11 was extra special because stores will be celebrating their only 7/11/11 birthday this century.


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Fans of the slushy, frozen beverage are cuing to collect their favorite Slurpee creations.  Some locations will even host timed Slurpee drinking competitions with exclusive 7-Eleven prizes (including the beloved brain freeze).

The annual promotion is a big money maker for the company.  When they did the promotion last year, 7-Eleven saw a sales increase of 38 percent.

The chain licensed Slurpee from the ICEE Company in 1967 and it has since become the iconic item of the stores, deriving its name from the sound one makes when drinking a 'slurp'-'eeee.'

7-Eleven expects to give away more than 5 million free Slurpees on Monday, or an average of 1000 Slurpees per store.  According to their website, stop by for a free drink, general merriment, and a one-man dance party - should you choose to start it.

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