Freedom Financial Holdings, Inc., a holding company with a focus on the identification of opportunities in the financial services sector, announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), District 3 office in Chanute, Kansas to use KC 9000(TM) for tank remediation.

“Several weeks ago, we presented a table top demonstration of KC 9000(TM) to the local KCC officials in their office in Chanute, CEO Brian Kistler stated. “As it always does, KC 9000(TM) performed just as anticipated and as a result, Freedom has received a letter from the KCC that ‘assigns any of its rights to the tanks and the contents of the tanks to Freedom Energy International,’ to the abandoned tank battery on a lease in Neosha County, Kansas.”

Kistler continued, “This initial project is the door opener to many other future projects I would like to see take place with the KCC. Site and tank remediation is a potential huge business model and revenue stream of its own, but more importantly, is the opportunity to conduct a field test of KC 9000(TM) with the State of Kansas monitoring it and verifying the effectiveness.”

“The problem that is presented with these tanks is that no one will tackle them due to the Bottoms and Sediment (B.S.) that remains in the tanks. Up until now there was no way of extracting the remains in tanks in a cost effective manner. Enter KC 9000(TM). As previously announced, we have the partnerships formed to tackle jobs like this both large and small. This project is a perfect place to start with the State of Kansas. And of course, Kansas is not the only state with abandoned oil tank batteries,” he concluded.