Retired American cyclist Floyd Landis, who won the Tour de France in 2006 and was stripped of his title in a doping case, was convicted Thursday by a French court in absentia for his role in hacking into a French doping lab's computer records.

The court in Nanterre, just west of Paris, gave Landis a 12-month suspended prison sentence. The state prosecutor had sought 18 months.

The investigators in the case claimed Landis and former coach, Arnie Baker -- who also received a suspended prison term of 12 months-- attempted to hack into a computer of the antidoping lab. The two men were among five defendants in the case, in which the Chatenay-Malabry lab claimed hackers intruded into its computers. The lab claimed in November 2006 that its systems were infected with a Trojan Horse virus that allowed hackers to access certain data.

The court also gave Alain Quiros, who has acknowledged hacking into the lab, a six-month prison sentence and a fine of 4,000 euros ($5,416), according to The Wall Street Journal.